"Don't just get high, Get Healed!"

After a session with Canna Body Wellness, you will feel relaxed and renewed. The oils creams lotions and salves we use are completely organic and rich with high THC & CBD broad spectrum cannabinoid content for the most pain relieving effect. We have worked with numerous medical conditions and seen incredible results. Life moves at a fast pace it can leave you swollen, achy and sore. Canna Body Wellness cannabis-infused massage along with cannabinoid oils and creams are a necessary means of taking care of the body—not just a luxury. In Eastern medicine, massage is medicinal, using cannabis oil is a natural extension.

We make each treatment specialized to the individual ensuring the most effective treatment possible. We strive to make our patients happy relaxed and take as much stress out of your day, Enjoy our lovely spa or WE CAN COME TO YOU for your convenience.

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